Friday, 30 June 2017

Scuba Diving in Virgin Islands: How to Prepare for your Scuba Diving Vacation?

Scuba diving is a wonderful water sport that attracts many scuba diving enthusiasts to enjoy an exciting vacation to explore the scenic underwater life. Are you planning a scuba diving trip to Virgin Islands? Then you need to carefully plan to enjoy a fun-filled scuba diving vacation with your family or friends in US Virgin Islands.

Here are some useful tips that will help you to have the utmost fun and enjoyment during your scuba diving trip to US Virgin Islands, please have a look!

Scuba diving virgin islands

1. Pick the spot:
First, you need to consider what to see on your dive trip to US Virgin Islands? Are you looking for a wreck to explore or some incredible drop-offs? You need to research about the variety of sites available in the Virgin Islands. If you are considering the visibility levels and dive depth, then it will be good to consider one of the best scuba diving sites in St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands. This will give you a great opportunity to encounter a huge variety of underwater species.

2. Prepare your Gear:
The second thing you need to prepare is to get ready your scuba diving gear. If you want to buy the scuba diving gear, then make sure to choose the diving mask, buoyancy compensator, wetsuit, and fins. This will help you to get ready to enjoy a safe scuba diving vacation.

•    Pack the right fins

•    Choose a wetsuit that offers a good level of flexibility and proves to be a perfect fit

•    Buy the most important scuba diving equipment- Buoyancy compensator device (BCD)

•    Choose the mask that fit your face correctly and has a nose enclosure. Make sure the mask is watertight!

With the right set of scuba diving gear, you are almost prepared to enjoy an exciting and fun-filled scuba diving vacation in the Virgin Islands.

3. Consider a Blended Approach:
What is a blended approach? You can blend learning scuba diving lessons in US Virgin Islands with enjoying a scuba diving holiday. This will help in obtaining a diving certification through Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) while enjoying the charm of viewing the amazing marine life.

To enjoy a successful and enjoyable scuba diving in Virgin Islands, you need to consider a reliable scuba diving shop. In this case, you can contact Admiralty Dive Center to best scuba diving packages in St. Thomas, USVI. We are proud to be rated as one of the reliable and best diving shops in US Virgin Islands that specialize in creating wonderful scuba diving trips. With us, you will get a chance to explore the finest scuba diving spots in St. Thomas. 

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Tips for Enjoying Scuba Diving in the US Virgin Islands

Scuba diving is an exciting and adventurous water activity that attracts people who want to explore the wonderful marine life. On a scuba diving holiday in the US Virgin Islands, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds- seeing the topside and witnessing underwater sights.

If you are anxious to make the most out of your scuba diving in the Virgin Islands, then please read this post to find out some useful diving tips!

diving is an exciting and adventurous water
1. Never Go Alone for a Dive:
One of the most important things, every scuba diver should remember is that he or she should never go scuba diving alone. It is always important to have an experienced and certified instructor by your side during the diving trip in one of the US Virgin Islands. With an experienced instructor, your shallow or deep dive will be more fun and safe.

2. Take the PADI Course:
By taking  a PADI beginner course or advanced course, you will learn the capability of your body and will be aware of the safety aspect of this exhilarating water activity. With a PADI scuba diving course, you will get a chance to be introduced to the basic elements of the water sport in a stepwise manner, which will no doubt build your confidence and allow in having the utmost fun on the scuba diving trip in the US Virgin Islands. 

Padi Course
3. Relax:
We know that you will be quite excited to plunge into the water. But it is always advised for a scuba diver to stay relaxed before going into the water, which will reduce your anxiety levels and allow in enjoying to the fullest. Inside the water, you can enjoy the beauty, witness a new world and experience the silence and peacefulness. You will simply love to see different varieties of marine creatures and take underwater photos. Always remember that relaxation is the key to enjoying a fun-filled scuba diving experience that will lower your heart rate, which will help the body to conserve oxygen. 

scuba diver to stay relaxed
4. Scuba Diving Gear or Equipment:
You need the best and top quality scuba diving gear or equipment to enjoy a safe diving in the US Virgin Islands. With a perfect fit scuba diving mask, fins, wetsuit, accessories and more, you will enjoy this exhilarating sport in a safe way. 

Scuba diving
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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Why go for a Scuba Diving Holiday to St.Thomas with Family?

Are you planning for a family holiday? Do you want to make your family holiday a unique yet enjoyable affair? Then consider the beautiful US Virgin Islands to spend a memorable scuba diving holiday in St. Thomas with your family. One of the most popular scuba diving destinations in US Virgin Island, the St. Thomas is a lively and friendly island where you can not only do a lot of shopping, but also get a chance to indulge in exploring the beaches as well as discover the beautiful marine world on an exciting scuba diving expedition. The St. Thomas Island truly shines for its exquisite scuba diving spots.

The best thing about enjoying a scuba diving holiday with family in St. Thomas– your child will get something new to learn and explore about the amazing marine world. Let us explore some more useful points!

Female Scuba Diver

1. Spend Time Together:
Your kids do not want to simply lounge by the pool, but they want to have something exciting. In this case, scuba diving activity will prove to be the best idea, it allows your kids to be active and have the utmost fun. As an incredibly relaxing and energetic water activity,  scuba diving will help your kids to immerse in a whole new world of marine life and explore some amazing things.

2. Lifelong Memories:
On a scuba diving holiday in US Virgin’s St. Thomas Island, your kids will be able to create memories that will last for a lifetime. For sure, neither you nor your kids will forget a family diving trip to St. Thomas. You can be the coolest parent by taking your kids to an exciting scuba diving family trip to explore the beautiful marine life.

3. Learn Something New:
On a scuba diving holiday to St. Thomas, you and your kids can opt for achieving something great like a PADI scuba diving certification or PADI Open water certification that will save both time and money. This certification will prove to be a great achievement. Scuba diving holiday will help your kids to learn the sense of responsibility and help in developing some great skills in a fun filled way that will help them in their everyday life.

4. Discover a New World:
On your family scuba diving holiday, you and your kids will get an opportunity to see the exotic marine life such as rays, turtles, morays and more while exploring some of the best scuba diving sites in St. Thomas.
To book a scuba diving holiday in St. Thomas, contact Admiralty Dive Center! We are one of the reputable dive centers in USVI’s St. Thomas that offers affordable scuba diving programs, which will help in exploring the most beautiful dive sites in a safe and convenient way. You can consider our “Discover Scuba” to have the utmost fun if you are not certified.

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